about me
I am currently an Assistant Professor in the Mathematics Department at North Carolina State University. 

I am a member of the Geometry and Topology group at NCSU and the Triangle Topology group joint with UNC and Duke.  My research interests include low-dimensional topology, knot theory, Floer theory, gauge theory, symplectic/contact topology, and orderability of groups.

I am working with Black Box Dance Theater to explore and teach topology through dance.  We have done education, outreach, and performance.  

My work is currently supported by the National Science Foundation and Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

I strongly support efforts to increase diversity and inclusivity at NCSU, mathematics, and STEM fields more generally.   In particular, I am a participant in the GLBT Center Advocate Program and member of the Math Alliance.  I am also a member of the diversity committee for the Park City Mathematics Institute, which has a variety of programs for undergraduates, graduate students, researchers, faculty with a focus on undergraduate education, K-12 educators, and those interested in diversity in mathematics.  

fall 2019
              MA 792 (Algebraic Topology II)
Seminars in the Triangle Area (collective calendar maintained by Adam Levine here): 
            Geometry/Topology Seminar
            Triangle Topology Seminar (NCSU, Duke, and UNC)
            Duke Geometry/Topology Seminar